Aditi the Collector

Aditi’s passion for woven textiles and shawls and interactions with shawl-wallahs - weavers, embroiderers, rafugars and traders - goes back to her early teens growing up in Old Delhi.

About Aditi

Aditi has spent five decades studying, collecting and documenting Kashmiri shawls and European Cashmeres. An acknowledged authority on the subject, her efforts have focused on raising awareness of this incomparable textile art and craft and on the restoration of heirloom shawls. Aditi has travelled extensively across the globe to major shawl centres in India, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, England, France, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium and America, researching and building a collection of rare Indian and European Cashmere shawls from collectors, auctions and flea markets. Aditi has exhibited this collection and lectured publicly at various places including the Museum of Asian Art in San Francisco, The Cosmopolitan Club in New York, Indian National Trust for Art, Culture and Heritage (INTACH), India International Centre in New Delhi and the CSMVS (Prince of Wales Museum) in Mumbai, as well as at several private exhibitions for art galleries, embassies and cultural centres. Aditi had also created a platform for small-scale shawl craftsmen from Kashmir and Najibabad, curating exceptional shawl collections in different genres, and marketing these on her own or in partnership with retailers like Fabindia and Jaypore. Her endeavour is to create a one-stop space for shawlwalas, rafugars and shawl collectors to connect, and to share the beauty and magic of the Kashmir shawl with those who are interested in learning more about and supporting this most exquisite art and craft.

Exhibition Gallery

Monday Collection

Aditi at her Asian Art Museum, San Francisco Exhibition 1999

Monday Collection

Aditi at her INTACH Shawl Exhibition 2009

Monday Collection

Dr. Karan Singh giving the Inaugural speech at Aditi's IIC Shawl Exhibition 2012